Keen Newport creators of the Newport lighter refill system

Newport is recognised around the World as the foremost butane gas refill. It is the customer’s first choice globally, and has been for fifty years.

Newport’s unique near zero impurity levels have made it the perfect operating gas for many butane powered products that depend on clean gas for proper operation.

Newport is depended upon for thousands of products worldwide. Here are the first twenty.

Cigarette, Flint, Battery and Piezo Cigar and Pipe Tobacco Lighters Special Lighters for Barbecue and Gas Stove Lighters Industrial Blow Torches Miniature Blow Torches and portable Soldering Irons Performing Dolls Toy Trains Portable Water Heaters Smoothing Irons Cordless Hair Stylers and Hair Curlers Portable Hand Warmers Heated Cushions Butane Decoration Candles Mobile Thermal Jackets and Vests Warm Belts Creme Brulee Caramelisers All day hot Pizza Containers Dental Instruments Laboratory Instruments Removing finger marks and grease spots Processing extraction of ingredients from plants and flowers Removing residue from smoking pipes and from piping supplying propellant to aerosol fillers.



About Us

Keen-Newport is a supplier of butane lighter refills, smoking accessories, private label, and a much respected range of aerosol products to a worldwide market.


The finest quality, innovation, attention to detail, and the ultimate in customer care has been the company's benchmark since the first inception in the 1960s. Today Keen products, and the Newport name, is recognised and respected throughout the world.


This website tells the history, shows the range, and underlines the company's commitment to Near Zero Impurities in the field of butane refills, and careful production in every product in the Keen range.