Keen Newport creators of the Newport lighter refill system

Any plant extract such as tobacco when inhaled from a lighted cigarette produces a residue of tar.

Although our lungs have a filtering system that removes the impurities in the air we breathe, a too frequent smoker can overload the body's own filter system leaving deposits of tar in the lungs.

The Newport Mini Filter is designed to remove up to 60% of the tar from cigarettes.

The price for one display carton with 36 packs of 10 Newport Mini Filters is:

UK - £32.68

Europe - £34.00

Rest of World - £38.00

Newport Mini Filters

1 x display box containing 36 packs of 10 Mini Filters


About Us

Keen-Newport is a supplier of butane lighter refills, smoking accessories, private label, and a much respected range of aerosol products to a worldwide market.


The finest quality, innovation, attention to detail, and the ultimate in customer care has been the company's benchmark since the first inception in the 1960s. Today Keen products, and the Newport name, is recognised and respected throughout the world.


This website tells the history, shows the range, and underlines the company's commitment to Near Zero Impurities in the field of butane refills, and careful production in every product in the Keen range.