Keen Newport creators of the Newport lighter refill system

Keen World Marketing offer Private Label butane, supplied in any size of printed can, up to 400ml capacity.

The company’s standard Private Label butane refill is identical in quality to the Newport range, apart from the unique Newport crenellated cap which is exclusive to the original fifty year established product. Private Label caps are moulded in one piece, and feature five soft plastic adaptors.

Keen’s Private Label butane will refill all lighters and butane powered appliances - personal, domestic and industrial - worldwide. This includes heat-generated thermal products.

The virtually impurity free butane is a very powerful solvent too - for industrial, medical and laboratory processes.

Keen World Marketing’s Private Label division can supply metal valve stems instead of Newport plastic valve stems, and your product can be contained in printed inner cartons rather than shrink wrapping.

Private Label makes customer brand names distinctive, personalised and original. Talk to Keen (Private label) Limited about this unique extra arm to your business.


Keen Private Label -

Newport quality, personalised to
your company.

About Us

Keen-Newport is a supplier of butane lighter refills, smoking accessories, private label, and a much respected range of aerosol products to a worldwide market.


The finest quality, innovation, attention to detail, and the ultimate in customer care has been the company's benchmark since the first inception in the 1960s. Today Keen products, and the Newport name, is recognised and respected throughout the world.


This website tells the history, shows the range, and underlines the company's commitment to Near Zero Impurities in the field of butane refills, and careful production in every product in the Keen range.